Top oil filter brands you need to know about

With the advancement of technology, the engines are now able to withstand the harsh realities of weather and roads. The engines of the vehicles have become more efficient with time and consume less fuel. However, to maintain the proper working and efficiency of the vehicle it needs regular maintenance working.

One of the important engine components that need to be replaced regularly is Oil Filter. Replacing it with high-quality, genuine parts enhance its performance and durability.

The best oil filter must have the right fit and should be able to reap the best out of engine. It should be strong enough to withstand increased oil pressure and should not clog easily. You may face hard time while looking for the best oil filter. We have enlisted 5 best brands that sort out your trouble.

  1. Mobil 1 filters: Mobil 1 provides high-quality affordable oil filters. This lowly priced oil filter will increase your service interval. Known as the best synthetic filter, it is designed to trap up to 99.6 percent of oil contaminants. It prevents internal leakage by shutting the engine down and thus eliminates dry start as well.

It is made from stronger material and can withstand up to 9 times of normal operating pressure. It is durable and will not clog easily.

  1. Bosch Premium Oil Filters: One of the reputable brands in automotive line, Bosch is known for producing highly-efficient engine oil filters which are durable and affordable. The Company uses a unique blend of natural and synthetic materials in the construction of filters. The perfect fit of the filter eliminates every kind of leakage.

The well-lubricated gasket of the filter offers a tight seal and thus can be easily removed from the filter of the engine. The double-lock system in the roller seam makes it leak-proof.

  1. K&N Oil Filters: With strong impregnated walls that enhance durability, K&N is the one of the best oil filters brand. Initially designed for racing application, it gained popularity over time. K&N oil filter is designed in a way that it can be easily installed and removed while replacement. These oil filters are compatible with most of the cars, SUVs and ATV engines. The anti-drain back valve of the oil filter plays a significant role in preventing dry starts.

  1. Purolator Classic Oil filters: Purolator is the oldest engine oil filter brand in USA and is known for producing high quality, efficient and durable products. It is known to eliminate about 97.5 percent of contaminants from engine oil. Made from 100 percent synthetic material, Purolator oil filters allows ultimate engine protection. Further information on oil filter for use in car is available at .

  1. Mann-Filter oil filters: Owing to unique separation technology, Mann Filters are best in the market. They screen impurities from the oil till extended periods and never get clogged. Easy to install and eco-friendly oil filters, Mann oil filters features a new and innovative technology that allows faster and better oil circulation in the engine. The membranes used in oil filters offer exceptional protection and care for your engine. It is quite easy to replace.