Advertising is a major part of any business plan and is necessary for your business to get exposure and draw more clients. Traditional advertising like flyers, posters, and radio ads are still very useful and effective. However, if you want to give your business that extra edge, you need to consider online advertising. So many things are happening online and most people visit online sites at least once or twice a day. If your business is advertised online, you will increase your chances of being seen and more people will contact you.

JT Research would like to offer you the opportunity to get an online advertising presence. We have a few advertisement spots available. You can choose from banner advertisements and sidebar advertisements. You can also use a combination if you want. Banner advertisements are generally placed at the top or bottom of a webpage and it has a rectangular shape that stretches over the width of the page. Sidebar advertisements are like online business cards. They are usually square and appear on the right side of the webpage.

Banner advertisements – $40 per month for 6 months

Sidebar advertisements – $35 per month for 6 months

Combination of one of each – $45 per month for 6 months

If you are interested in placing advertisements on the JT Research web page, please send an email to with the following details:

  • Your name and business details
  • The choice of advertisement that you would like to buy
  • Sample advertisements that can be used or adjusted

Only a few spots are available, so make sure that you send your email promptly.